Resident Visa in Dubai

A residence visa is a permit that allows foreign nationals to legally live and work in Dubai, which is one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Here are some key points about the Dubai resident visa:

Types of Dubai UAE Residence Visa

Sponsorship: To obtain a Dubai resident visa, you typically need to be sponsored by a UAE-based employer or a family member who is a UAE citizen or a UAE resident with a valid residency visa.
Employment Visa: If you are planning to work in Dubai, your employer will usually handle the visa application process on your behalf. The employer acts as your sponsor, and they will submit the necessary documents and fees to the relevant authorities.
Family Visa: If you have family members who are UAE residents or UAE citizens, they can sponsor your Dubai resident visa. This usually applies to spouses, children, and parents.
Dubai Golden Visa: Visa is a special long-term residency visa introduced by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government to attract investors, entrepreneurs, and talented professionals to the country. The Golden Visa provides an extended residency period, allowing eligible individuals to live and work in Dubai for an extended period without the need for a traditional sponsor.

Family Visa Typing Service

UAE residence visa for family members, allows the immediate family members of a UAE resident (sponsor) to live together in Dubai. This visa is typically sponsored by the person who holds a valid UAE residence visa, such as a spouse, parent, or adult child who meets the eligibility criteria set by the UAE government.

Requirements: The sponsor needs to meet certain financial criteria, such as having a minimum salary, to be eligible to sponsor family members. Additionally, the sponsor is required to provide suitable accommodation and fulfill other requirements as mandated by the UAE government.
Process: The sponsor initiates the Family Resident Visa application process on behalf of the family member. The necessary documents, such as passport copies, photographs, attested marriage/birth certificates, and medical reports, are submitted to the relevant authorities for processing.
Validity: Family Resident Visas are typically issued for a specific duration, often linked to the sponsor’s own visa validity. They need to be renewed before they expire to continue living together in Dubai.

All Requirements For Applying New Resident Visa

All Requirements For Applying Renewal Resident Visa


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